• Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas

    Peacock themed weddingThe Peacock Themed Wedding becomes a popular trend among of people around the world. The exotic peacock feather color will absolutely turn your wedding day to be one of the unique and special weddings ever. It is a perfect option if you choose the peacock themed for your wedding day. It will be not difficult to realize your unique Peacock Themed Wedding since all of the stuff that required is easily found, like the decorations, favors, invitation’s designs, foods, tableware, and everything that needed. You just have to plan everything perfectly and precisely. Here are some ideas and inspirations that will help you to plan and organize your wedding in a peacock themed.

    Peacock themed wedding stage

    This simple wedding stage looks so adorable and elegant on the combination of blue, green, purple and also gold color scheme. The selection of these colors scheme is really appropriate with the peacock themed. Then we can set beautiful lighting on the stage for more captivate look.

    Peacock themed wedding decorations

    Peacock themed wedding decorations ideas

    There are many ideas that can be chosen for the decoration. You can choose the perfect one to depend on your wedding venue and budget. You can make it into a simple decoration or even festive wedding decoration.

    Peacock themed wedding guest table decorations

    Peacock themed wedding tableware

    For the guest table decoration, you can choose blue or purple table cloth and combine it with peacock motif tableware. And adding peacock feathers will really catch your guest’s attention.

    Peacock themed wedding ideas

    For the table centerpiece, you can decorate candles, flower or even twigs in peacock colors including of blue, green and purple color.

    Peacock themed wedding cake

    It is such a fantastic peacock themed wedding cake. The combination of wedding cake and cupcake that look like the peacock’s feathers will support the decoration at the same time.

    Peacock themed wedding desserts

    Serve the sweetest and unique cupcake to your guest at a peacock themed. You can use peacock motif on your cupcake paper and also the toppers.

    Peacock themed wedding favors

    Thank your guest’s attendance by giving this wedding peacock wedding favor. Many favors can be chosen that related to the Peacock Themed Wedding, but this peacock glass looks so elegant and unique.

    Peacock themed wedding invitations

    There are also tons of peacock wedding invitation’s designs are available. And one of elegant design is this engraving green invitation with gold ribbon. Add the peacock’s feathers to set the tone of your wedding into the invitation design.

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