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Event Management and also the Cloud

Cloud-computing may be the delivery of shared sources, software and knowledge on the internet. It’s a relatively recent delivery model for this services and offers users having a different method to use and manage their IT software and platforms. A typical method to use cloud-computing would be to subscribe, or pay a regular monthly fee to utilize a particular software solution. Rather from the software being placed on a user’s computer directly, the consumer accesses the program remotely, via their internet browser.

A few of the generic advantages of cloud-computing include:

Cost: Cost could be reduced since capital expenditure is transformed into operational expenditure, decreasing the barriers to entry

Local Independence: Users have access to systems utilizing a internet browser, no matter their whereabouts or device they’re using

Scalability and Peak Load Capacity: Using software around the cloud implies that companies can manage peaks sought after effortlessly

Reliability: Reliability is improved upon making is really a safer option in relation to disaster recovery

Maintenance: This really is simpler on cloud-computing because the software programs are not placed on anyone’s computer and therefore support and upgrades are managed and brought on through the provider themselves.

Event managers can to benefit from cloud-computing and employ it to enhance efficiency and lower the price of their events.

Two of the largest cloud software programs for event managers are:

Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent illustration of cloud-computing. Typically, working off an expert document on the conventional server or network might cause many issues, for example:

Being unsure of if you are focusing on the newest version

Just one person at any given time having the ability to get access

Only individuals focusing on the server/network could connect to the document

Difficulties with duplication

However, hosting documents around the cloud implies that key people from the event team (and exterior partners and suppliers) have access to documents anytime from the place (Web connection pending). There is no limit to the amount of individuals who can observe the document anytime, updates come in real-time, and you will find no difficulties with document duplication. Furthermore, hosting documents around the cloud can also be safer, because they are not counting on the safety from the network or server they’d normally be stored on.

Event Keeper

Event software programs are beginning to experience a vital role within the organisation and control over events. Comprehensive event keeper includes features for example:

Website integration: event software should seamlessly integrate together with your existing website with no need to re-design or re-brand

Online Registration: event keeper should allow event managers to produce a fully customisable online booking form recording probably the most relevant information out of your delegates

Event Communication: Obvious and targeted communication for your delegate audience is vital, the big event system will include integrated event communication tools for example e-mail marketing, invitation and surveys

Event Badges: Probably the most time intensive jobs to have an event manager is manufacture of delegate badges. Event software enables personalised badges to become produced pre or throughout the event simply and rapidly

Event Resource Management: Simply manage and allocate all sources via a comprehensive calendar feature, supplying total charge of every aspect of the big event management process

Event Financials: Technology enables event managers to provide a number of choices for delegates to safely pay online with full confidence, supplying simplicity of use via automation

Event Reporting: Figuring out the real Return on investment from events can be established and managed via a effective reporting and analysis suite

Event Scheduler: Manage and schedule multi-faceted face to face conferences for the delegates and suppliers simply and efficiently

Venue Keeper: Flexible venue planning and scheduling tools that manages the big event facility regardless of what kind of events are now being located

Document Management: A good way to write and manage speaker abstracts and biographies

Event software might help event managers create more efficient, effective events. Studies have proven that in the present economic downfall, many event companies have started to benefit from the advantages of automation and event technology to assist stay afloat. Growing efficiency and reducing the price of hosting events helps to improve the roi presented to both event company and also to the delegates attending.

A cloud based event management solution provides the chance for event managers to handle event teams and repair delegate and booker demands, from the location anytime. Simultaneously, event promotions, bookings, cancellations and updates may also be carried out online because the key delivery vehicle.

In the event managers perspective, event keeper around the cloud will require proper care of high volumes of outbound transaction (emails, invitations, etc) and inbound transactions (event bookings, modifications, cancellations, etc), saving money and time, although giving delegates an easier and improved experience.

From the management perspective, a cloud based event management solution offers the mechanism to stay in real-time control famous events activities – event managers can get a precise look at the condition of active events, what stage particular event marketing campaigns are in and also the feedback being received in your on-going events programme. 3rd party partners – trainers, loudspeakers, sponsors, caterers, venue managers, etc – may also be granted quick access, inside a secure fashion, towards the event related details they need use of and may react to any event changes affecting them, again on the real-time basis.

Getting a cloud based event management solution in position reveals significant possibilities for integrating the answer with complimentary applications and solutions both inwardly and outwardly. For instance:


Finance applications

Customer and phone management solutions


Partner websites

3rd party online payment providers

Social media environments

Having a cloud based event management solution, the treating of events becomes wholly a company problem with the IT issues being handled through the cloud application provider. The supply from the events management solution, the copying and securing of information, along with the scalability from the solution in occasions of peak activities are handled, transparently, through the cloud application provider.

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